If you haven't copyrighted your web site, you're just asking someone to steal it.

Legally protect your web site by registering its copyright. Learn how today! Updated for 2008!

Cover: Copyright Your Web Site

You've invested countless hours and dollars creating your web site. But for online thieves, it's far easier to copy your content to their web sites than to create their own.

Registering your web site's copyright will deter thieves, and — if someone does steal your content — gives you the legal leverage to stop them.

If your valuable content is copied to another web site, the effects can be disastrous, including loss of sales, traffic, ad income, and the dreaded Google "duplicate content penalty". People just might not be finding your site any more. In the worst case you might be accused of theft — of your own content!

By registering your web site's copyright, you have the agreement of the government that you created the content on your site, and when. And if someone does rip you off, you can force their web host to remove the stolen content, or you can sue for significant damages.

Read this e-book and you'll learn:

  • The benefits to registering your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office
  • How to put a proper copyright notice on your site
  • What you can and can't copyright
  • How to properly fill out and submit copyright registration forms
  • Why, and when, you'd need to update the registration
  • How to handle common problems with the copyright office
  • What to do if your web site has been copied (and how to find out if it has)
  • How to use someone else's work on your web site — legally
  • ...and much more

You could pay a lawyer $500 and still not get the information in this book.

"I put blood, sweat and tears into developing my web sites, not to mention money. The web makes it way to easy for others to rip me off. Kevin, thanks for writing this important book. It would be foolish to not apply your simple steps for protecting web sites and other intellectual property." -- Joel Comm, AdSense-Secrets.com

About the Author

Kevin Savetz has been a freelance technology journalist since 1992. He has written more than 1,000 articles for major publications including Computer Shopper, Computer Power User, and The Washington Post. He has created dozens of popular web sites since 1994.

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Cover: Copyright Your Web Site
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